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Beautifully expressed. I love Laura Markham and just received the new book for siblings!
You have a lovely way of writing. Very thoughtful and warm.
I say, AMEN to all of it.


I am in a similar position with my oldest who will be three in June. I was frantically researching extra activities: music, kiddie gym, soccer, martial arts, etc. Finally, I made the decision that we will do one and it will be swimming. Meanwhile, we will continue to explore stories, arts, crafts, outings, and all the good stuff of childhood that need not be rushed. I am just so thankful that I am able to give my children that open ended childhood that I so believe in. ♥


I see, as a college teacher, how "activity" often culminates not in a whole, active person, but a list of bragging points. Our children can't be represented as a CV. You've expressed a refreshing and grounded alternative view of growth and accomplishment.

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